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Health Information Compliance Alert

Cybersecurity Quiz:
Test Your Cybersecurity Smarts With These 10 Questions
Tip: Make staff training a priority in 2020. Data security continues to be the Achilles h... Read more
Telehealth Compliance:
Master Telehealth Reporting with Expert Advice
Tip: Confirm originating site guidance, suggest MAC reps. There's no denying that telehea... Read more
Know These New Code Options for Telehealth
Hint: Opioid abuse treatment gets a boost in 2020. If you rely on telehealth services to ... Read more
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Reader Question:
Know the Rules on Documenting Your Risks
Question: We are in the beginning stages of our annual risk assessment. Is there a format ... Read more
Reader Question:
Review Patient Authorization Rules Before Disclosing Test Results to Employers
Question: When an employer pays our office to perform vision tests, can we disclose the ex... Read more
Enforcement News:
Feds Issue Alert on Blue Button 2.0 Threat
Apparently, even Medicare struggles with data security and protecting patients' data, repo... Read more
Enforcement News:
DHS Alerts Healthcare of Possible Iranian Cyber Attacks
As tensions escalate between the United States and Iran, the feds warn the healthcare indu... Read more
Enforcement News:
New Commissioner Starts at FDA
The feds finally confirmed a new Food & Drug Administration (FDA) head after months wi... Read more