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Health Information Compliance Alert

Case Study:
Compliance Fails Equal Major CMPs
Tip: Don't ignore your risk analysis recommendations. If you fail to fix your HIPAA issue... Read more
Pocket This Expert Advice for 2020 HIPAA Planning
Tip: Ensure your BAs and vendors know the HIPAA rules, too. Just because your organizatio... Read more
Test Yourself on These Breach Notification Basics
Find out what “substitute individual notice” refers to. Even if your practice's daily... Read more
Fraud & Abuse:
Don’t Miss IT-Related Updates to AKS
See new safe harbors to promote value-based care. The feds are on a mission to reduce adm... Read more
HIPAA Quiz Answers:
See How You Fared on Breach Notification
Hint: BAs have direct liability, too. After you've read the questions carefully and decid... Read more
Industry Note:
See New AIC Thresholds for 2020
If you're filing an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) request, expect the amount that remains... Read more
Industry Note:
Interoperability Goes Beyond Borders
Over the last year, the feds have maintained a steady stream of policies to improve care c... Read more
Industry Note:
Data Exchange Factors in New Discharge Planning Final Rule
Medicare released another policy that interweaves interoperability with patient-centered i... Read more
Case Study:
Take Care When Answering Patients’ Online Comments
Case spotlights the fraught intersection of HIPAA and social media. Social media helps dr... Read more
Do You Know These 18 PHI Identifiers?
Understand the facts on what is and what isn't PHI. These days compliance is tied closely... Read more
Implement Strong Social Media Controls to Protect Yourself and Your Patients
Hint: Involve staff in the social media policy making. Having an online presence can cert... Read more
Include These 7 Steps in Your Social Media Audit
Though you may not want to admit it, social media is necessary to running a successful med... Read more
Revenue Booster:
Keep a Close Eye on Your Social Media Footprint
Tip: Remember the rules of patient engagement and HIPAA. In today's healthcare market, of... Read more
Industry Notes:
Get Ready for New York’s SHIELD Act
If you attend to New York residents and you're struggling with HIPAA compliance, you'll ha... Read more
Industry Notes:
AHIMA Updates Its Cybersecurity Guidelines
The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) offers providers enhanced a... Read more
Industry Notes:
OCR Cybersecurity Quarterly Newsletter Is Available Online
Last year, the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) stopped producing a monthly Cybersecurity... Read more
Industry Notes:
The MBI Transition Is Coming to a Close
If you're a Medicare provider, you need to update your systems and start using your patien... Read more
Case Study:
Feds Resolve First ‘Right to Access’ Case
Hint: Expect more OCR enforcement down the road on this issue. Over the last year, HHS ag... Read more
GI Firm Exposes Patient Data Due to Device Incompatibility
Tip: Ensure your systems and devices match up. The more technologically advanced medical ... Read more
Inspect Your Vendors’ Policies and Protocols Before
Choose the best associate for your practice needs. For a medical practice to run smoothly... Read more
Pocket This Expert Network Advice
Manage your patch updates wisely. In healthcare, no matter your size and scope, you are s... Read more
Health IT Policy:
Policymakers Remain Fixated on Digital Options, Cybersecurity
Tip: Keep on top of Medicare deadlines. Whether it's ensuring clinicians' cyber safety or... Read more
Case Study:
Patient Data Breaches Skyrocket in First Half of 2019
More than 32 million patients have had their data compromised. If you thought 2018 was a ... Read more
Pocket 6 Tips to Cut Your PHI Disclosure Risks
Hint: Training employees on the Privacy Rule is a great place to start. The HIPAA Privacy... Read more
Dispel These 5 Common HIPAA Security Myths
Tip: Analyze your risks or pay the price. As more and more data security incidents occur,... Read more
Feds Offer New Pilot Program to Encourage Data Sharing
CMS announces pilot program that harnesses claims data. Patients' histories are sometimes... Read more
Ask Yourself These 20 HIPAA Questions
Protect yourself — put all practice HIPAA policies and procedures in writing. Whether y... Read more
Cloned Notes Can Lead to Inaccuracies — and Trouble
Keep copying and pasting to a minimum. Advancements and enhancements in technology like e... Read more
Telemedicine, EHR Fraud Factor in New OIG Report
Tip: Use the feds' targets as a compliance guide. If you're waiting for federal fraud-fig... Read more
Medical Devices:
Feds Warn Medical Devices Need Tighter Controls
Case uncovers cardiac implants vulnerable to cyber attack. In a new report, U.S. Dep... Read more
Reader Question:
Link Revisions to the EMR or EHR Appropriately
Question: When we see that documentation doesn't match a code choice, we usually go back t... Read more
Industry News:
OCR Uploads a New FAQ on HIPAA and Health Plans
Tip: Review HIPAA Privacy Rule requirements. To better clarify patient data sharing betwe... Read more
Case Study:
Settlement Equals Hiccup for BA’s Big Breach
Is this indicative of things to come? A recent case illustrates why business associates (... Read more
Know the Facts on Usernames and Passwords
Check out updated NIST guidelines for federal clarification. Many practices take steps to... Read more
Pocket These Password Tips to Protect Your Practice
Hint: Multi-factor authentication helps thwart hacks. Technology is a valuable tool for g... Read more
Keep a HIPAA Script Handy for Privacy Questions
Remember, a script does not replace staff HIPAA training. With the onset of health IT in ... Read more
Reader Question:
Is Soundproofing Required Under HIPAA?
Question: We're making some renovations to our office, including to the waiting room and e... Read more
Industry Notes:
EHRA Urges Feds to Slow Down on CEHRT Mandates
Plus: CMS updates with another podcast. Industry insiders believe the proposed interopera... Read more
Case Study:
Feds Indict 24 Individuals for Telemedicine Fraud
Prescribing DME or drugs via telemedicine? Document it — thoroughly. If your practice i... Read more
Master Telemedicine and Telehealth Coding With 3 Key Tips
Plus: Find out why telehealth and telemedicine aren't the same. Telemedicine is quickly b... Read more
Do CMP Rollbacks Signal Major Changes for HIPAA Enforcement?
Hint: Risk management is even more important now. After producing record-level HIPAA enfo... Read more
Reader Question:
Review This Password Guidance Before Your Next Update
Question: How often should we change our passwords for our computers? Right now our inform... Read more
Reader Question:
What Happened to the HIPAA Audit Program?
Question: With all the recent news on increased HIPAA enforcement, should we be worried ab... Read more
Enforcement News:
Public Gets More Time to Comment on Interoperability Rules
Do you need more time to peruse the interoperability rules that the Centers for Medicare a... Read more
Enforcement News:
Hospitals Increasingly Use EHR Data to Improve Care
According to a new report from the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health Infor... Read more
Enforcement News:
Tennessee Company Agrees to Pay $3 Million to Settle HIPAA Violations
Despite racking up staggering enforcement numbers for 2018, the HHS Office for Civil Right... Read more
Case Study:
Wrongful Disclosure May Net Patient Coordinator Jail Time
Tip: Ensure security at affiliate offices, too. Under HIPAA, covered entities (CEs) are r... Read more
Test Your Knowledge of HIPAA
Make sure your staff know the essentials to avoid a violation. Even though you may think ... Read more
Assess Your Risks Now to Avoid Problems Later
Tip: Use security measures that fit the scope of your practice. It should come as no surp... Read more
Update Your Digital Dictionary With These Additions
Keep your security game in top form with new cyber slang. Safeguarding patients' electron... Read more
Reader Question:
Factor HIPAA Privacy Requirements Into Your Marketing Strategies
Question: I'm a little confused about how to advertise a service that is specific to our p... Read more
Reader Question:
Be Wary of Vendors Who Promise HIPAA-Certified Products
Question: Our office has purchased encryption software that claims to be “100-percent HI... Read more
Enforcement News:
CMS Jumps on the HIPAA-Audit Bandwagon
If you weren't keen on the HIPAA phase two audits, prepare yourself. Because now, CMS has ... Read more
Enforcement News:
AMA Gets in on States’ Lawsuit Against Feds Over Title X Gag Rule
On Feb. 22, HHS issued a final rule in the Federal Register that upends the Title X family... Read more
Enforcement News:
Weigh In On Future PI Measures
CMS wants your input on how the Promoting Interoperability (PI) program should proceed. R... Read more
Case Study:
OCR Pushes HIPAA Enforcement to New Heights in 2018
Hint: Breaches drew huge penalties for risk assessment fails. If your office budget doesn... Read more
Make Staff HIPAA Training a Priority
Tip: Outline the amount of PHI-handling by job. You can't take chances with HIPAA complia... Read more
Bolster Your Knowledge of HIPAA-Friendly Agreements and Arrangements
Know the different contracts that concern privacy and security. Accessing and disclosing ... Read more
ONC Proposed Rule ‘Cures’ HIT Certification Woes
Plus: Standardization and computability are at the heart of the proposals. All practices ... Read more
Industry News:
Sign Up for New CMS Call on Post-Acute Health IT
CMS plows full speed ahead with more interoperability learning options. This time with upd... Read more
Industry News:
Feds Go Mainstream With New Podcast
If you prefer to listen to the news via podcast, then you are in for a treat. CMS recently... Read more
Industry News:
CHIME Recommends Feds Need to Go Beyond HIPAA
There's no denying that cyber attacks have impacted the healthcare industry. One health IT... Read more
Case Study:
Feds Highlight Industry Issues With Patient Matching
GAO research suggests that lack of federal standards may be to blame. The use of EHRs all... Read more
Health Information Exchange:
Information Blocking Factors Into Patient Matching Issues
It's more about the money than the privacy, researchers warn. It's true that the lack of ... Read more
ONC Proposals Answer the Cures Act Call
Feds propose seven data-blocking exceptions. As the health IT industry grows daily, offer... Read more
Reduce Ransomware Hack Odds With This Expert Advice
Tip: Don't shirk on software updates. A recent data security incident shows that even sma... Read more
Navigate Medicare With New eHealth Offering
Plus: Promoting Interoperability fact sheets for 2019 are now available. CMS followed thr... Read more
Enforcement News:
Feds Charge EHR Vendor With a $57.25 Million Fine For False Claims
As providers know, not all EHR vendors are the same. Most are on the up-and-up, but it's s... Read more
Enforcement News:
HHS Proposes HIPAA Modifications for Schedule II Drugs
Providers may want to revisit their prescribing protocols in regard to HIPAA, a proposed r... Read more
Enforcement News:
Telehealth Claims Accepted Again By Texas Medicaid
Telehealth providers in Texas can submit valid claims to the state Medicaid program again,... Read more
Case Study:
Don’t Do Business Without a BAA — It’s Just That Simple
Manage risks, or fines will ensue, OCR case suggests. If you're weighing the costs of a r... Read more
Vet Your Vendors in 2019
Tip: Research your associates' compliance records. Healthcare providers engage with all s... Read more
Set Practice Texting Guidelines to Avoid HIPAA Pitfalls
Tip: Review the rules before you set up your policies. As texting becomes an increasingly... Read more
Get Ready for New HHS Guidance on Cybersecurity
Tip: One size does not fit all when it comes to cybersecurity planning. There's no doubt ... Read more
Consider These New Technologies to Boost Your Practice IT in 2019
Blockchain has the potential to transform healthcare, experts suggest. Are you trying to ... Read more
Industry News:
Feds Change to Merit-Based Appointments for ALJs
Administrative law judges (ALJs) are part of HHS and preside over agency cases and dispute... Read more
Industry News:
CMS Transitions to New QPP Data Management System
The window is now open for eligible clinicians to submit their 2018 Quality Payment Progra... Read more
Industry News:
New Listservs, Same Information
CMS updated the look of its Promoting Interoperability (PI) programs' and Quality Measurem... Read more
Reader Question:
Apply HIPAA to BAs Beyond Borders
Question: Our practice uses a small cloud services provider (CSP) based in Canada to store... Read more