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General Surgery Coding Alert


3 Tips Distinguish 58 and 78 to Impact Your Bottom Line

Same condition or complication makes the difference.Choosing the appropriate global-period modifier can be confusing, but doing it wrong can leave you over- or underpaid for your surgeon's work. That's because one modifier restarts the global period, while another does not, thus impacting your reimbursement rates.The following modifiers have similar definitions, sharing the words "related procedure" and "during the postoperative period:" 58 -- Staged or related procedure or service by the same provider during the postoperative period78 -- Return to the operating room for a related procedure during the postoperative period. The similarities leave many coders and billers scratching their heads. Follow our three expert tips to make sure you pick the right modifier -- every time. Tip 1: Reserve 58 for 'Same Condition'You should only use modifier 58 when the follow up procedure during the postoperative period arises because of the same condition/problem that prompted the initial procedure. Whether planned or not, the [...]

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