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D05: Expand Beyond 233.0 for Breast Cancer 'In situ'

Location and type lead code choice.Expect significant changes in how you report in situ breast cancers once ICD-10 goes into effect -- even if you'll have a little longer to prepare for the switch. Don't forget: CMS has announced a proposed implementation delay from Oct. 1, 2013 for the new diagnosis code set, but the new implementation date is not yet finalized.Look for Specific Type, Location in ICD-10While ICD-9 provides just one code for in situ breast cancer (233.0, Carcinoma in situ of breast), you'll have 12 codes to choose from when ICD-10 goes into effect.The new code set divides these cancers into four categories by "type": lobular, intraductal, other specified, and unspecified. You'll also need to designate whether the tumor is from the left, right, or unspecified breast. Here are the ICD-10 crosswalk code choices for 233.0:D05.00 -- Lobular carcinoma in situ of unspecified breastD05.01 -- ... right breastD05.02 -- ... left breastD05.10 -- [...]