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C50 Incorporates 174-175

Male and female breast dx collapse to one family. You're used to choosing codes from separate ICD-9 families for breast neoplasms depending on patient gender -- but ICD-10 will change all that. Don't miss: The ICD-10 implementation deadline is shifting from Oct. 1, 2013. Read more about it in "Delay Gives You More Time to Implement ICD-10, HHS Confirms "on page xxx in this issue. Know ICD-9 Families You need to know two code families for breast cancer under ICD-9, based on sex. For female patients you use 174.x (Malignant neoplasm of female breast), and your fourth digit options relate to anatomic location: 174.0 -- ... nipple and areola 174.1 -- ... central portion 174.2 -- ... upper-inner quadrant 174.3 -- ... lower-inner quadrant 174.4 -- ... upper-outer quadrant 174.5 -- ... lower-outer quadrant 174.6 -- ... axillary tail 174.8 -- ... other specified sites of female breast 174.9 -- ... breast (female), unspecified. For male patients, you use 175.x [...]

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