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General Surgery Coding Alert

2-Code Pressure Ulcer Becomes Just 1 for ICD-10

You won't need an additional code for 'stage.' When you report a pressure (decubitus) ulcer diagnosis under ICD-9, you have to use two codes -- one to report the location, and one to report the stage. All that changes when ICD-10 goes into effect. Although the number of codes explodes from 14 under ICD-9 to over 150 in ICD-10, you'll just need one code to report the pressure ulcer location and stage when you begin reporting using the new diagnosis code set.Identify Pressure Ulcer SiteWith ICD-9, you have nine "location" codes to choose from, as follows:707.00 -- Pressure ulcer; unspecified site707.01 -- ... elbow707.02 -- ... upper back707.03 -- ... lower back707.04 -- ... hip707.05 -- ... buttock707.06 -- ... ankle707.07 -- ... heel707.09 -- ... other site.ICD-10 provides much greater site specificity, creating many more code options, as follows:L89.9_ -- Pressure ulcer of unspecified siteL89.00_ -- Pressure ulcer of unspecified elbowL89.01_ -- Pressure ulcer of right elbowL89.02_ -- Pressure ulcer of left elbowL89.10_ -- [...]