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173 to C44: Look for Close Malignant Skin Neoplasm Crosswalk

Melanoma and more report to different codes.Not a lot will change once you start reporting malignant skin neoplasms with ICD-10, but we have the low-down on a few key differences to keep your diagnosis coding on track for skin biopsy and excision cases.Recall: CMS has finalized the ICD-10 implementation date for Oct. 1, 2014, delaying the action one year from the original deadline.Stay the Course for Excludes/IncludesBoth C44 in ICD-10 and 173 in ICD-9 (Other and unspecified malignant neoplasm of skin) include malignant neoplasm of sebaceous glands. The two code families also share the same condition exclusions, as follows:Kaposi's sarcoma of skin (C46.0) (176.0-176.9) malignant melanoma of skin (C43.-) (172.0-172.9) malignant neoplasm of skin of genital organs (C51-C52, C60.-, C63.2) (184.0-184.9, 187.1-187.9) Merkel cell carcinoma of skin (C4A.-) (209.31-209.36).Expect Greater ICD-10 Site Detail You'll find a direct crosswalk between other and unspecified neoplasm of skin codes for ICD-9 and ICD-10 [...]