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General Surgery Coding Alert

172 to C43, D03: Look for 2 Melanoma Families in ICD-10

Watch for more specific site options, too.The ICD-10 implementation delay might give you a breather (see "Anticipate 1 Extra Year for Your ICD-10 Implementation Schedule" in this issue), but that doesn't mean you should slack off with your ICD-10 preparations. You'll need to be ready for an important melanoma coding distinction once you're required to use the new code set, which has a proposed implementation date of Oct. 1, 2014.Code for SiteICD-9 provides one code family for melanoma of skin (excluding skin of genital organs or sites other than skin): 172.x (Malignant melanoma of skin). A fourth digit designates the melanoma site as follows:172.0 -- Lip172.1 -- Eyelid, including canthus172.3 -- Other and unspecified parts of face172.4 -- Scalp and neck172.5 -- Trunk, except scrotum172.6 -- Upper limb, including shoulder172.7 -- Lower limb, including hip172.8 -- Other specified sites of skin172.9 -- Site unspecified.ICD-10 provides similar site-specific codes in the family C43 (Malignant melanoma of skin). You'll have more [...]

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