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Hernia Toolbox:

Chart Your Hernia Location to Narrow Dx and Procedure Code Choices

Zero in on proper code with hernia glossary-of-terms. Reporting hernia repair requires so much anatomy and physiology know-how that it's enough to confound even the most seasoned surgery coders. Use our two handy tools to help you pick the right ICD-9 and CPT® codes -- every time.Tool 1: Anatomy and Diagnosis ChartUse the following anatomy drawing and diagnosis coding chart to help you perfect your hernia claims for now and for the future when you're required to use ICD-10.Tool 2: Glossary of Hernia Terms and Procedure CodesClinicians identify hernias primarily by location as outlined in tool 1. But there's often more to it than location -- like how the hernia forms and the clinical significance of the specific condition. Study the following hernia definitions to learn the laparoscopic and open repair procedure code ranges for each type: Epigastric: An epigastric hernia is usually through anterior wall fascia, above the umbilicus and below [...]