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General Surgery Coding Alert

Gastric Restrictive Procedure:

43770 and Beyond: 3 Tips Promise Proper 'Banding' Code Choice

Learn 'unlisted' tricks for coding gaps. Don't lose pay by choosing the wrong code for gastric band and port placement -- or get caught charging too much when your surgeon modifies or removes just one of those elements. Let our experts help you sort through the many codes for gastric band and port placement, revision, adjustment or removal to make sure you always capture the pay you deserve. Add these tips to our recent article on gastric bypass coding ("Answer 4 Questions to Pick the Right Gastric Bypass Code," General Surgery Coding Alert Vol. 14, No. 8) to make sure you have the whole picture for coding gastric restrictive procedures that your surgeon might do to treat morbid obesity (278.01, Morbid obesity). "The surgeon may perform the procedures to help the patient lose weight, and perhaps impact coexisting conditions such as diabetes," says Linda Vargas, CPC, CEMC, coding and reimbursement specialist [...]

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