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General Surgery Coding Alert

CPT® 2018:
Upgrade Laparoscopic Esophagectomy Coding Next Year
Look for op note details to choose the right code. If you've been turning to the same unl... Read more
CPT® 2018:
Catch Up to New Category III Code Options
Find new ways to report certain laser scar revisions. An emerging technology for treating... Read more
CPT® 2018:
Change Anticoagulant Management Coding
Don't miss these code addition and deletions. Surgical treatment can be complicated by a ... Read more
Halt Phishing Vulnerability With These Tips
Yes, this click trick can still reel in your system. If you thought that only high-tech s... Read more
Reader Question:
Step Up ICD-10 Knowledge
Question:  I've never really gotten comfortable with ICD-10 and often find myself cod... Read more
Reader Question:
Find 'Global Days' This Way
Question: Many times we need to know the global days of a procedure to help us decide codi... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn to Paper Claims — For Now
Question: We operate a small surgical practice in a rural area, and we're having problems ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Distinguish FNA, PNB
Question: I'm trying to code a claim for a "fine needle" prostate biopsy procedure, but I'... Read more
MPFS 2018:
Expect More Changes to Telehealth Coding Next Year
Follow proposed Physician Fee Schedule insights for these services. You should expect exp... Read more
CPT® 2018:
Sneak a Peek at AAA Endovascular Repair Overhaul, and More
Make sure your general surgery practice is ready for new, revised, and deleted codes. Wit... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Try Your Hand at These 3 Op Reports
Then check your answers to hone coding skills. If your general surgeon's op report goes s... Read more
Practice Management:
Ease Patient Requests for PHI With This Form
Let AHIMA guidance help your surgeons. Not only is your general surgery practice required... Read more
Reader Question:
Beware Enterolysis Billing
Question: The surgeon performed an open partial colectomy with anastomosis. During th... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Focus Lap Pelvic Lymphadenectomy
Question: Which group of lymph nodes constitutes a "total pelvic lymphadenectomy" wit... Read more
Modifier 57:
Identify 'Decision for Surgery' to Maximize E/M pay
Case example shows the way. If you hesitate to report modifier 57 (Decision for surgery) ... Read more
Tissue Flaps:
3 Tips Promise Accurate Tissue Transfer Coding
When surgeons create tissue flaps to repair defects created by excision or other injury, c... Read more
Settle Systems Level Before Choosing E/M Code
Document positive or pertinent negative responses. If you don't get the correct count of ... Read more
Reader Question:
Ovarian Cancer Dx Leads Code Choice
Question: Our surgeon performed an open procedure to "debulk" a tumor by excising a 6... Read more
Reader Question:
Radiological Guidance Directs Lap-Band Coding
Question: After the follow-up period and initial adjustments for a lap-band procedure... Read more
Reader Question:
Hacking Not Biggest Security Threat
Question: Can we access our patients' PHI through cloud storage available from our bi... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Capture ERCP Dilation and Stone Removal
Question: During an ERCP procedure, the surgeon removed three stones. How should we c... Read more
GI Procedures:
Follow 4 Steps to Stop Colonoscopy Denials Cold
Know reason, approach, and completion to capture the pay you deserve. Coding and modifier... Read more
2018 MACRA Proposed Rule:
See if Low-Volume Threshold Change Impacts Your Practice
Keep current on QPP proposed rule for quality reporting next year. Medicare's 2018 propos... Read more
Watch For Proposed MPFS Surgery Price Changes
Look for tweak to merit-based pay adjustments, too. With CMS's recent release of the prop... Read more
Reader Question:
Observe Payer Rules for FMT
Question: How should we bill for a procedure when our surgeon transplants processed d... Read more
Reader Question:
Abide by CMS 60-Day Rule
Question: Is it true that we have only 60 days to return any overpayments to federal ... Read more
Reader Question:
Zero in on Calculi Dx
Question: When our surgeon removes a kidney stone, what diagnosis code should we repo... Read more
Reader Question:
Take This ROS Tip Post-Hysterectomy
Question: Our surgeon evaluated a patient for surgery for abdominal endometriosis fol... Read more
Reader Question:
Note Time for Discharge Or Lose Pay
Question: We have a surgeon who never documents time for a hospital discharge. How sh... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Code This Lap Chole and Hernia Repair Case
Question: Our surgeon performed a laparoscopic cholecystectomy on a 32-year-old male ... Read more
Don't Forget: '2018' Dx Revisions Start October 1
Ensure future ‘quality’ pay with accurate diagnoses. Your general surgery pra... Read more
Global Update:
99024 Leads Charge to Capture Postoperative Visits
Reporting is mandatory for few, voluntary for most. When your surgeon sees a traditional ... Read more
Control BAA Breach Problems With 3 Tips
Not every associate is a BA. Your surgery practice’s bottom line is on the chopping... Read more
Reader Question:
Think 'Foreign Body' for Stent Removal
Question: Our surgeon removed a coronary artery stent through a catheter. Should we b... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Out CMS QPP Tools
Question: We’re very concerned about keeping up with the latest quality program... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Return Payment for PEG Tube Removal Error
Question: Under an internal audit, we identified a claim for an in-office PEG tube re... Read more
Perinephric Surgery:
Spotlight Adrenalectomy Coding With These 3 Tips
Heed ‘separate procedure’ direction. Stumbling into one of the many adrenal-r... Read more
Master the Rules for Consultation and Referral Billing
Remember different Medicare rules. If you don’t know the difference between consult... Read more
Prolonged Services:
MUE Takes Back Some Non-Face-to-Face Pay
Limit billed time to 2 hours. If you started taking advantage of billing your surgeon&rsq... Read more
Reader Question:
Hone Your Lesion Shaving vs. Excision Skills
Question: When we bill for a shaving or excision of skin lesion, we’re uncertai... Read more
Reader Question:
Check +11008 Add-On Restrictions
Question: Our surgeon performed a laparoscopic repair of a recurrent reducible incisi... Read more
Reader Question:
Go to 7th Digit for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Question: The surgeon removed a breast mass from a 42-year-old male. The surgical rep... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Watch Frequency for Colonoscopy Coding
Question: A patient had a screening colonoscopy in which our surgeon found and remove... Read more
Case Study:
Take Aim at Correct Coding for EUS FNA
Don’t unbundle ultrasound, aspiration. When your surgeon preforms certain lower GI ... Read more
CPT® 2017:
Capture Telehealth Pay With New POS and Modifier Labels
Grasp CMS Rules, too. With advancing technology, you might find your surgeons spending mo... Read more
Modifier Basics:
Distinguish 57 and 25 to Avoid E/M Claim Denials
Timing is everything to differentiate these modifiers. When your surgeon performs an E/M ... Read more
Reader Question:
Beware Hernia Mesh Implant Limitations
Question: While performing an open umbilical hernia repair for a 26 year-old patient,... Read more
Reader Question:
Focus Documentation for Bariatric Surgery 'Medical Necessity'
Question: We’re getting denials for bariatric surgery even though the surgeon d... Read more
Reader Question:
Clear Up Appendix B 'Moderate Sedation' Confusion
Question: I’m confused about the moderate sedation changes. My CPT® 2017 Ap... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Code This Esophagectomy Case
Question: The surgeon performed an open esophagectomy of the abdominal esophagus and ... Read more
Correct Coding:
Always Bundling Adhesiolysis? Read This First
Check the site before you use modifier 22. If you follow the coding lore that tells you t... Read more
Focus Quality Reporting for Your Surgeons With These FAQ's
Embrace MIPS as PQRS wanes. If you think that the expiring Physician Quality Reporting Sy... Read more
Identify Quality Measures for Your General Surgery Practice
See familiar choices from PQRS. Make sure your general surgery practice continues to get ... Read more
Reader Question:
Capture Multiple Abdominal Procedures
Question: The surgeon performed the following procedure for a patient with an abdomin... Read more
Reader Question:
'Decision for Surgery' Allows E/M
Question: Our surgeon performed a hospital E/M service for patient presenting with na... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Miss Code For Infectious Agent
Question: A new patient presented with apparently infected sores on lower back and ab... Read more
Reader Question:
Encrypt Mobile Devices or Face ORC
Question: I heard that the Office for Civil Rights can collect damages for lost mobil... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Zero In On Bypass Surgery Details
Question: The surgeon performed an open gastric bypass procedure in which he describe... Read more
CPT® 2017:
Focus Your MOCA Vein Treatments with 36473 and 36474
Learn limitations of two new codes. If your surgeons are using the latest technology for ... Read more
ICD-10 Corner:
Justify GI Surgeries With Accurate 'Abdominal Pain' Reporting
Document carefully to choose the right code. You wouldn’t expect appendicitis in a ... Read more
Establish Overpayment Protocols — And Follow Them
Avoid billing-cycle issues with payers. When the checks cross in the mail and you end up ... Read more
Reader Question:
Measure Lipoma For Accurate Coding
Question: We have an op report for excision of a “subcutaneous mass” of t... Read more
Reader Question:
Specify Approach for Lithotripsy and Stent Codes
Question: Our surgeon performed a stone removal using lithotripsy and also removed on... Read more
Reader Question:
Established Patient Moves With Physician
Question: We have a new surgeon joining our practice next month from a nearby practic... Read more
Reader Question:
Navigate "All Others Negative" ROS
Question: One of our surgeons tends to note “all others negative” in the ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Spotlight Breast Localization Device Coding
Question: Our surgeon placed localization devices for two lesions in the patient&rsqu... Read more
Distinguish Purpose and Payers to Max Out Your Sigmoidoscopy Pay
Prepare for converted cases, too. When your general surgeon performs a flexible sigmoidos... Read more
Prolonged Services:
Grab This Opportunity for Non-Face-to-Face Pay
See a boost for complex or chronic cases. Do your general surgeons sometimes do extensive... Read more
Help Overcome Roadblocks to Health Information Exchange
Privacy protection is just one aspect of the law. Due to a multitude of state laws and co... Read more
Reader Question:
Watch for Site-Specific I&D
Question: Our surgeon reviewed a 29-year-old female patient with complaints of acute ... Read more
Reader Question:
Consider Options for 'Timely-Filing' Fix
Question: We submitted a claim for a patient who didn’t provide insurance infor... Read more
Reader Question:
Pick Up Supply Pay
Question: A patient presented to our office thinking that she had a broken ankle. Fol... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Spotlight Wound Size for Graft Code
Question: Our surgeon excised a 4.5 cm melanoma with a 2.5 cm margin from a patient&r... Read more
Moderate Sedation:
Missing This CPT® 2017 Change Could Blow Up Your Bottom Line
Make sure to use two codes, when appropriate. If you didn’t notice the small change... Read more
Conscious Sedation:
Capture Pay for Sedation by Surgeon
Bill service as stand-alone code, or with other procedure code. You just read in the prec... Read more
Vascular Services:
Master New CPT® 2017 Codes 37246-37249 With This Angioplasty Q&A
Learn this trick to know which vessels go with which codes. If you’ve already star... Read more
Reader Question:
Document '3-Rs' for Consultation E/M
Question: Is it true that we can never code for E/M “consultations?” Sup... Read more
Reader Question:
Focus Hemorrhoid Codes by Method
Question: Could you please explain appropriate coding for a surgical note describes a... Read more
Reader Question:
Compare 'Cloud' Vs. 'Client Server' Choice
Question: We’re considering going to “cloud” storage for our Electr... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Use Specific Liver Elastography Codes
Question: Sometimes when a physician refers a patient to our surgeon to assess liver ... Read more
CPT® 2017:
Master Dialysis Circuit Intervention With 5 Steps
Don’t get lost in complete coding overhaul. If your general surgeons perform dia... Read more
Study New Guidelines to Discover Dialysis Circuit Designations
Check out code-level notes, too. Despite similarities to previous dialysis circuit gui... Read more
Drill Down to Details For Intestine and Pancreas Dx Changes
Up your documentation ante to support new ‘fifth digits.’ You should be ne... Read more
Monitor Your Denials Since Grace Period Ended
Compare results for different payers. Did your general surgery practice lean into the ... Read more
Reader Question:
Find ICD-10 Code by Starting With Indexed Morphology Term
Question: The surgeon removed a mass from the patient’s jejunum. The patholog... Read more
Reader Question:
Capture Cholecystectomy 'Extras'
Question: A surgeon in our practice performed a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Altho... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Know Size, Location, Depth, Organism for Debridement Case
Question: One of our surgeons treated a patient with an abscessed wound on his left... Read more