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Gastroenterology Coding Alert

Learn Your GERD Dx Testing Options in 5 Easy Steps

You can report testing and E/M on the same day, with 25. Don't be confused by "acid reflux study" and "gastric motility study." Although physicians commonly refer to diagnostic tests for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) using these terms, your coding will improve if you think of these tests instead as "pH monitoring" and "gastric" or "esophageal manometry." Here are five steps to help you make the distinction. Step 1: Link ‘Motility' and Manometry If the physician refers to an esophageal "motility study," you should choose from among three codes: • 91010 -- Esophageal motility (manometric study of the esophagus and/or gastroesophageal junction) study • 91011 -- ... with mecholyl or similar stimulant • 91012 -- ... with acid perfusion studies. Of these, 91010 is the most common, with 91011 describing the basic test plus administration of a stimulant (to increase motility) and 91012 describing acid perfusion study in addition to the motility study. The [...]

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