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ICD-10 Taps Z85.038 For Personal History of Colon Cancer

Don't expect any changes in the code's descriptor when new system kicks off in 2013. If a patient has a personal history of colon cancer, it can significantly impact his risk of developing the condition. Usually, a high-risk patient would carry a medical history that includes polyps, inflammatory bowel disease, or certain colorectal cancers. Presently, with ICD-9, you code personal history of colorectal cancer with V10.05 (Personal history of malignant neoplasm of large intestine). ICD-10 difference: When ICD-9-CM shifts to ICD-10-CM in Oct. 1, 2013, code V10.05 will change to Z85.038 (Personal history of other malignant neoplasm of large intestine). Bearing the same descriptor -- except for the word "other" added in ICD-10, you should regard your Z85.038 the same way as you do the ICD-9 code V10.05. Documentation: According to ICD-10-CM, Z85.038 is applicable to conditions classifiable to parent code C18 (Malignant neoplasm of colon), which includes 'child' codes such [...]

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