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Gastroenterology Coding Alert

Coding Tactics:
Conquer The Ins and Outs of Esophageal Dilations With This Expert Advice

Optimize payments by looking specifically for the use of fluoroscopy. If your gastroenterologist performs esophageal dilations using different techniques and includes associated procedures, then you have an array of codes from which to choose. Narrow your options with this expert advice. Look for Balloon Dilation in Documentation Often, your gastroenterologist will perform a dilation procedure during endoscopy. One of the methods that your gastroenterologist will use for dilation during endoscopy is balloon dilation. When your gastroenterologist uses balloon dilation, delve deeper into the documentation to check: The extent to which your gastroenterologist visualized using the endoscope The type of balloon used The condition that required dilation If only the esophagus was visualized, then you need to report the procedure using 43220 (Esophagoscopy, rigid or flexible; with balloon dilation [less than 30 mm diameter]). If your gastroenterologist visualized beyond the pyloric channel into the stomach, duodenum, and/or the jejunum, then you [...]

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Gastroenterology Coding Alert

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