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Gastroenterology Coding Alert

Coding Solutions:

Sigmoidoscopy: Rally Behind Successful Coding Combos

Scoop Up Over $200 by Reporting 44388, 45330 Hassle-Free In all the excitement of adding new CPT and HCPCS changes to your files for 2011, make sure you put your good old sig coding skills in check or you could find your practice in hot waters for the much dreaded audit. Think: how would you deal with a sigmoidoscopy that comes with prolonged services or biopsy? Dig into these solutions for the three scenarios given on page 11 and measure how much you know. 45331: Be Careful on Reporting Sig Bundled Services Scenario 1: A gastroenterologist in our practice was recently treating a patient with a diagnosis of proctitis and continuous rectal bleeding. The gastroenterologist performed a sigmoidoscopy with biopsy during the first encounter. During the second encounter (which took 45 minutes), he infused formalin into the rectum in-office. What CPT codes would I use to bill for the formalin [...]

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