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Gastroenterology Coding Alert

Hemmorrhoid Coding:
Can You Answer These 3 Hemorrhoid Visit FAQs?
Hint: Know the difference between first- and second-degree hemorrhoids. In some cases, co... Read more
CCI Edits:
CMS Transmittal Revision Clarifies When Modifier 59 Applies to NCCI Edits
Let these facts help guide your modifier usage. If the modifier 59 coding rules seem to g... Read more
Is Your GI Practice at Risk of an Audit?
Check these benchmarks to get the scoop. Physician practices are increasingly in the spot... Read more
These Are the Big Five Focus Areas
GI coders should get to know five main areas involved in provider audits: E/M  Cod... Read more
You Be the Coder:
K56 Code Family Gets Very Specific
Question: I'm used to certain basic diagnoses that we face all the time, like intestinal o... Read more
Reader Question:
Colon Resection With Hernia Involvement
Question: Our GI surgeon performed a laparoscopic partial colon resection with anastomosis... Read more
Reader Question:
Find out How to Handle New Physician’s Billing Info
Question: A new physician started at our GI practice, but he hasn't received his insurance... Read more
Part B Reimbursement:
CMS: Gastroenterologists Logged $79 Million in Improper Part B Payments
Plus: Upper GI procedures were a source of problems. With so many compliance facts and re... Read more
Know The Coding Errors That CMS Evaluated
CMS identified $31.6 billion in total improper payments among providers during 2018, and b... Read more
ICD-10 Coding:
Check These Answers to Your 4 Top Signs/Symptoms Questions
Know which key phrases to seek in your physician's documentation. Whether you're new to G... Read more
Using Co-Surgeon for PEG Tube? Consider Modifier 62
Hint: Modifier 80 is not always your best bet. When your gastroenterologist works with an... Read more
Reader Question:
Evaluate Email Coding Options
Question: What's the best way to document email exchanges between a patient's guardian and... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Status for Same Day Admit, Discharge
Question: One of our physicians admitted a patient to the hospital at 11:30 a.m., and late... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Check Ordering Dx for Screening FOBT
Question: How do we know whether to report a screening or diagnostic code for a fecal occu... Read more
Recovery Audit Contractors:
RACs Scrutinize Surgical, Diagnostic Endoscopies at Same Session
Watch your endoscopic coding to stay off auditors' radar screens. You may think your gast... Read more
2019 Payment:
CMS Offers Reprieve from Big E/M Changes
Keep an eye on the upcoming changes, however. GI practices have been keeping a close eye ... Read more
Looking Ahead:
Here's What to Expect in 2021
Although CMS won't be instituting big changes to E/M coding and documentation when the cal... Read more
Patient Privacy:
Could Enteral Feeding Device Data Get Hacked?
Tip: Keep medical devices off the network if possible. You've tightened up your HIPAA pro... Read more
Reader Question:
What's the 411 on Modifier GT?
Question: I heard that there was an update about modifier GT but don't understand it.... Read more
Reader Question:
Workers' Comp for GI Practice
Question: A 66-year-old patient presented to our gastroenterology practice for evalua... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Know the Documentation Rules When Coding Based on Time
Question: Thank you for your article last month about coding E/M visits based on time... Read more