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Gastroenterology Coding Alert

ICD-10 Coding:
Can You Master This Diagnosis Coding Quiz?
Hint: Know when confirmed diagnosis takes precedence. No matter how much time you dedicat... Read more
Telehealth Coding:
Maximize Your Telehealth Success With 3 Quick FAQs
Know the POS rules to ensure payment. If you've been performing a multitude of telehealth... Read more
Check These 7 Facts About Common E/M Modifiers
Yes, you can use both modifier 24 and 25 together sometimes, Part B reps note. GI practi... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Which Modifier Applies to This Case?
Question: Our gastroenterologist and a general surgeon performed surgery on a patient — ... Read more
Reader Question:
Determine Which Definitive Dx Applies to Suspected Crohn’s
Question: The gastroenterologist conducted a colonoscopy to determine whether a patient ha... Read more
Reader Question:
Get a Handle on Comprehensive History Requirements
Question: If I have a chief complaint, an extended history of present illness (HPI), a pro... Read more
E/M 2021:
3 FAQs Lead You to E/M Coding Bliss Next Year
Hint: You'll want to clock your time more accurately next year. You've got less than a ye... Read more
Telehealth Coding:
Get the Scoop on Reporting Telehealth Visits Under New Rules
Updated regulations went into effect in March. Even if your gastroenterology practice isn... Read more
Patient Privacy:
Solid Risk Analyses Can Protect Your Practice from Fines, Accusations
Find out how to avoid this gastroenterologist's fate by understanding the steps you must ... Read more
Reader Question:
Keep Track of Which EGD Codes You Can Report Together
Question: Our GI physician performed EGD with polyp ablation and also polyp removal by sna... Read more
Reader Question:
Get a Handle on Observation Care Codes
Question: Which code set should we use when the gastroenterologist admits a patient to obs... Read more
Reader Question:
Don’t Look Too Far for 911 Code
Question: An established patient presented to our practice thinking he was having severe h... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Which Code Applies for PEG Tube Removal?
Question: One of our gastroenterologists removed a PEG tube during an office visit but did... Read more
Part B Quiz:
Test Your Skills With These Colorectal Screening Scenarios
Colonoscopies aren't the only types of colorectal screenings. Your gastroenterologist pro... Read more
Medicare Advantage:
6 Facts Get You up to Speed on Medicare Advantage Plans
Hint: Coverage rules may vary quite a bit from Part B guidelines. If it feels like you're... Read more
Postoperative Coding:
Polish Your Modifier 78 Claims With 3 Quick Tips
Don't confuse 78 with similar modifiers. Although every GI physician strives to perform... Read more
Reader Question:
Evaluate G-tube Replacement Options
Question: We just saw a patient who had a worn out G-tube. The gastroenterologist removed ... Read more
Reader Question:
Records Transfer is Typically Free
Question: Our practice discharged a patient due to non-payment, and one week later a new g... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Get Clarity on Modifier 24
Question: I read your article last month regarding modifier audits with great interest. In... Read more
CPT® 2021:
E/M Changes: Will GI Practices Benefit From Next Year’s E/M Changes?
Prep for the elimination of 99201, effective Jan. 1. Most gastroenterology practices repo... Read more
Could Modifier Audits Sink Your Practice’s Claims Accuracy Rate?
Modifiers are among auditors' hot spots, experts say. When it comes to performing self-au... Read more
How Does Your GI Coding Compare to the National Averages?
Comparing your code utilization to that of other GI practices can be easier if you have na... Read more
Reader Question:
New PCM Codes Apply to 1 Physician, CMS Says
Question: There are multiple gastroenterologists at our practice. Can the physician who's ... Read more
Reader Question:
Don’t Let Noncovered Diagnoses Trip up Your Coding
Question: Does Medicare restrict coverage to only the diagnoses listed under the code's Lo... Read more
You Be the Coder:
How Do We Differentiate Ligation from Excision?
Question: Our GI physician typically documents hemorrhoid “ligations,” but this week w... Read more
Endoscopy Coding:
Could Your Separate-Day Endoscopies Put You at Risk of Audit?
Examine the outcomes from this comparative billing report for the scoop. Gastroenterologi... Read more
E/M Coding:
Examine These GI Practice Errors to Stay off CMS’ Hit List
Gastroenterologists billed $116 million in improper payments last year, report says. If y... Read more
Is Your Practice Protected Against Security Breaches?
Ensure you're taking “reasonable and appropriate” measures to avoid accusations. From... Read more
Reader Question:
Look to Dilator Type When Selecting Dilation Code
Question: Which CPT® code applies in this situation: “Scope passed up to middle es... Read more
Reader Question:
Count “No Charge” Visits Toward 3-Year New Patient Status
Question: Our gastroenterologist saw a patient during a quick assessment last year at no c... Read more
Reader Question:
Take Steps Before Seeing SNF Patients
Question: We saw a patient last month to treat her for colitis and we didn't realize she w... Read more
Reader Question:
No Need to Use Separate Diagnosis Codes for Modifier 25
Question: We know that most insurers say separate diagnoses are not required to use modifi... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Payer Rules Dictate Fecal Bacteriotherapy Codes
Question: Our gastroenterologist used fecal bacteriotherapy as a treatment for a clostridi... Read more
Medical Practice Tips:
10 Tips Help Every GI Practice Work More Efficiently This Year
Make a formal error-checking process to keep your practice moving smoothly. You know each... Read more
GI Nurse Visit Coding:
Get Down to the Details for Nurse Visits
Tip: Yes, you do need thorough documentation when reporting 99211. Your nurses provide vi... Read more
MAC Reps Shed Light on Appropriate Telehealth Reporting
Tip: In most cases, you can't bill these services from patients' homes. If you're hoping ... Read more
Reader Question:
How Would You Code This Upper Endoscopy?
Question: We performed an upper endoscopy of the stomach, esophagus, and duodenum with bio... Read more
Reader Question:
Know How to Use Modifier 62
Question: Recently, our gastroenterologist performed an esopha­gogastroduodenoscopy ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Are E/M Changes on the Horizon?
Question: We have heard conflicting reports about whether big changes are coming to E/M pa... Read more