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E/M Coding Alert

Countdown to 2021:
Take a Closer Look at the 2021 Changes to Outpatient E/M Times
Total times, prolonged services get major overhaul. In the April issue of E/M Coding Ale... Read more
Specialty Spotlight:
Understand These Criteria for Correct Peds Critical Care Coding
Beware of bundling difference between the two, experts say. Because “critical care is ... Read more
Care Management:
Take Care to Cultivate CCM in Your Practice
Here's how to create and maintain a program for chronically ill patients. A chronic car... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Look at These Rules for Accurate Observation Care Reporting
Question: Which code set should we use when the gastroenterologist admits a patient to obs... Read more
Reader Question:
Modify This E/M, Aspiration Encounter
Question: An established patient reports with right knee and thigh pain. During an E/M ser... Read more
Reader Question:
Examine Your Documentation for Telehealth Visits
Question: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our providers are performing mostly telehealt... Read more
News You Can Use:
Confused by the Current COVID-19 Telehealth Waivers? Here’s What You Need to Know
CMS' Interim Rule changes guidelines, adds to code list. On March 31, 2020, the Cente... Read more
Understand Telehealth by Studying These 3 Scenarios
Make modifier mistakes a thing of the past. Virtual check-ins. POS modifiers. There's a... Read more
CPT® Updates:
Pay Attention to These Corrections, Update Your E/M Understanding
Know what the AMA revised in its latest errata list. With everything going on at the mo... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Know What Is, Is Not Included In This Preventive Care Encounter
Question: A 50-year-old new male patient with a strong family history of cancer reported t... Read more
Reader Question:
Be Critical of These Codes in CCU Situations
Question: When our provider rounds on a patient in the critical care unit (CCU), can we us... Read more
Reader Question:
Take Time To Add These Multi-Provider Minutes
Question: One of our providers spent 40 minutes treating a critically ill adult patient in... Read more
Reader Question:
Fine-Tune Your Modifier 24 Use With This Advice
Question: We just used modifier 24 for the first time and now we're worried we may have u... Read more
Countdown to 2021:
Get Your GI Practice Ready for the 2021 E/M Overhaul
Know how these 3 changes will affect you next year. Office and outpatient E/M visits are ... Read more
Specialty Spotlight:
Focus on E/M for Presurgical Fracture Care
Global period key to modifier choice. Can you code for an E/M service if your orthopedi... Read more
Study These 4 Suggestions, Sharpen Your E/M Savvy
Experts offer their advice for best practices. Accurate documentation produces accurate E... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Modify Your Understanding of E/M-Venipuncture Encounters
Question: Should I apply modifier 25 onto an E/M visit code (in this case, 99213) when my ... Read more
Reader Question:
Reach for E/M When Provider Removes Unimpacted Cerumen
Question: Our pediatrician removed cerumen from a patient's left and right ears. The cerum... Read more
Reader Question:
Be Critical of Using 99291 for Vent Management
Question: Our pulmonologist oversaw vent management for an inpatient last week and billed ... Read more
Reader Question:
Use This Answer to Code Split Preventive Services
Question: If a patient was seen by her Primary Care Physician for an annual checkup, ... Read more
Countdown to 2021:
Be Ready to Change Your New Patient Outpatient E/M Coding
On Jan. 1, 2021, 99201 will be no more. CPT® code 99201 (Office or other outpatient... Read more
Critical Care:
Get Critical With This 99291/+99292 FAQ
Hint: guidelines, bundling, and times key to clean critical care claims. Even if you're a... Read more
Keep Telemedicine Claims Safe From OIG’s Scrutiny
Pill mills, telemedicine fraud high on Feds' watch list. With the opioid epidemic showing... Read more
Reader Question:
Take This Advice, Modify Double Dx Decisions
Question: We know that most insurers say separate diagnoses are not required to use modifi... Read more
Reader Question:
Evaluate Elements in This Subsequent Care Scenario
Question: One of our young patients was just hospitalized for acute gastroenteritis and de... Read more
Reader Question:
Report E/M in This Eyelid Encounter
Question: Our physician performed chemodenervation to treat a bilateral blepharospasm on a... Read more
Reader Question:
Observe This Answer for Accurate Admissions Account
Question: Our ob-gyn saw a patient on 2/1/20 and then admitted her on 2/2/20. What code sh... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Think Twice Before Prolonging Neonatal Intensive Care
Question: If we bill 99468 for neonatal intensive care, can we also bill a prolonged servi... Read more
Countdown to 2021:
Know What Stays, What Goes, in the 2021 E/M Shakeup
Say goodbye to 99201, hello to 99XXX. Though it didn't deliver the final word, the 2020 M... Read more
Take These 4 Tips for Precision Online Digital E/M Coding
Here are all the guidelines you need to know to bill 99421-99423. The deletion of 99444 a... Read more
Specialty Spotlight:
Keep Your ED Coding on the Level With This Advice
MI, trauma cases don't always add up to 99285. When a reader recently asked us whether al... Read more
Reader Question:
Get the Timing Right Before Coding for Prolonged Service
Question: Our interventional radiologist saw a patient during an E/M service for a prolong... Read more
Reader Question:
Don’t Modify This E/M Venipuncture Scenario
Question: Should I apply a modifier 25 onto an E/M visit code (992xx) when my oncologist p... Read more
Reader Question:
Look to These Guidelines to Know Your History
Question: Would you consider a physician documenting “No sick contacts” acceptabl... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Want to Bill 99241-99245 Frequently? Consult the Answer to This Question
Question: Our ophthalmologist performed an office consul­tation on a patient and his insu... Read more
Countdown to 2021:
Begin the Countdown to 2021 by Taking These 2 Steps
Now's the time to get ready for the new office/outpatient E/M coding changes. In just 12 ... Read more
Care Management:
Are You Making These 5 Big Changes to Your Care Management Coding?
Here's how TCM, CCM can boost your 2020 revenue stream. The addition of principal care ma... Read more
Specialty Spotlight:
Improve Your Ob-gyn Preventive Care Coding With These Pointers
Know the ins and outs of reporting 99401-99404. Do you know how to apply 99401-99404, the... Read more
Reader Question:
Stimulate Your Understanding of Reporting E/M With This Code
Question: The provider saw a patient for an outpatient E/M service. During the physical ex... Read more
Reader Question:
Don’t Sneeze at This E/M, Allergy Testing Advice
Question: Following allergy testing, the physician meets with the patient to go over the r... Read more
Reader Question:
Add This Knowledge to Prolong Your E/M Coding
Question: What does the plus symbol in front of some E/M service codes signify? Connectic... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Take Time to Code This E/M Encounter by the Book
Question: One of our providers wants to report 99203, using time to meet the level require... Read more