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Emergency Department Coding & Reimbursement Alert

2019 Payment:
CMS Chooses Not to Implement E/M Changes in 2019
But some new updates are applicable to EDs. Emergency departments have been keeping a clo... Read more
Catheter Placement:
Evaluate Your Catheter Placement Code Options
Step one: Identify “indwelling.” If you're reporting 51701 (Insertion of non-indwelli... Read more
Straighten out Your Appeals Processes in the New Year
Avoid blindly appealing — first, do your research. With the turn of the calendar often ... Read more
Reader Question:
Get to the Bottom of Excludes1 Note
Question: If an Excludes1 note is listed after an ICD-10 code, does that mean you can neve... Read more
Reader Question:
Will Medicare Pay for Non-Covered Workers' Comp Visits?
Question: Thank you for your Q&A last month about workers' compensation coding. I have... Read more
Reader Question:
Know the Region for Radiculopathy
Question: A patient presented to our ED with back pain, and the physician diagnosed her wi... Read more
Reader Question:
Check 90689 for Flu Vaccines
Question: Our office manager heard that a new flu vaccine code will be coming out for 2019... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Get A Handle on Modifiers
Question: Our ED physician attempted to reduce a fracture of the left hip, but was unable ... Read more