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Chiropractic Coding & Compliance Alert

Join WCA In Their Fight Against Optum Per Diem Payment
Wisconsin OCI to scrutinize whether Optum limits access to quality chiropractic care. ... Read more
Wield Your Imaging Edge With the New X-ray CPT® Codes for 2016
Enjoy wider range of Code choices for spinal X-rays. There’s a lot to learn from... Read more
Make the Most of 0.5 Percent Increase in Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
Noncompliance with EHR and PQRS to affect the non participating providers. Get ready f... Read more
ICD-10 Update:
Master the Cervical Disc Disorders in ICD-10
Choose your codes based on pathology and anatomical location Disc disorders are one of... Read more
Reader Question:
CMT Codes Do Not Need Modifier 51
Question: A patient with a complaint of back pain presented to the doctor. After id... Read more
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Use Modifier 25 for Distinct Services
Question: The DC evaluated a new patient and performed chiropractic manipulative tr... Read more
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How to Request a PQRS Informal Review
Question: How is it possible to request for a PQRS informal review? Utah Subscrib... Read more
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Figure Out the Cause of Denials
Question: Our claims are getting rejected for incorrect diagnoses. What could be th... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Coding the Second Encounter for a Neck Strain Patient
Question: A patient visits the office for a second time. She has the diagnosis of n... Read more
Know the Three Essential Facts About Opting Out From Medicare
Never decide ABN options for the patient, or file claims for unusual services, and more.... Read more
Take Up the ADR Challenge With These Win-Win Tips
Revert quickly, with separate files for each ADR. Do you put off an Additional Documen... Read more
ICD-10 Update:
Master Thoracic Sprain and Strains In ICD-10
Enjoy as S23.3XXA allows for more number of patient visits. Sprains and strain are amo... Read more
Reader Question:
How to Code for a Facet Syndrome?
Question: Please guide us through the codes for facet syndrome in ICD-10-CM. Oklahoma ... Read more
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Here's Why Some Payers Are Denying M99.01
Question: Why is my claim with diagnosis M99.01 being denied? California Subscriber ... Read more
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Understand Separate Procedure For Correct Coding
Question:  What do we mean by “separate procedure”? Wyoming Subscribe... Read more
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Know the Codes Your Payers Accept
Question: How do we learn which codes a payer will allow? Texas Subscriber Answer: E... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Just How Many Diagnoses Would Be Enough For a Claim?
Question: We have primary diagnosis codes and secondary diagnoses codes that, when prese... Read more