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Reader Question:

Be Aware of Add-On Codes for OCT

Question: The doctor performed an LHC and used OCT of the LAD (30 to 40 percent plaque). How should I code the OCT? Member

Answer: The appropriate codes for OCT (optical coherence tomography) performed in 2017 are the following:

  • +92978 (Endoluminal imaging of coronary vessel or graft using intravascular ultrasound [IVUS] or optical coherence tomography [OCT] during diagnostic evaluation and/or therapeutic intervention including imaging supervision, interpretation and report; initial vessel [List separately in addition to code for primary procedure])
  • +92979 (... each additional vessel [List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)]).

OCT is a catheter-based imaging method that produces high-resolution images by using light. Physicians can view the insides of arteries, including stents.

Don't forget: Because +92978 is an add-on code, you must always report it in addition to the primary service. You can check the list of appropriate primary codes accompanying +92978 and +92979 in the CPT® manual.

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