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Cardiology Coding Alert

CCI 26.0 Update:
Focus on 2020 Pericardial Drainage and Aorta Graft Edits
Remember: Always pay attention to modifier indicators. You've learned all about the 2020 ... Read more
Cardiac Monitoring, Part 2:
Here’s How to Correctly Report Holter Monitoring
Don't miss: Understand when to appropriately append modifier 52. Holter monitoring is one... Read more
Recent Updates to 5 Cardiology NCDs Reflect New 2020 ICD-10 Code Additions
You'll see some changes to NCD 20.9.1 “Ventricular Assist Devices.” CMS recently rele... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Puzzle Out Percutaneous Transluminal Mechanical Thrombectomy Scenario
Question: The cardiologist used fluoroscopic guidance to introduce a catheter through the ... Read more
Reader Question:
Rely on This Option for Insertion of Permanent Implantable Defibrillator System
Question: The cardiologist implanted a new permanent dual chamber defibrillator system wit... Read more
Cardiac Monitoring, Part 1:
Solidify Your External MCT Claims With Expert Advice
Remember: Report mobile cardiac telemetry monitor codes 93228 and 93229 only once per 30 d... Read more
Test Yourself on HCPCS Level II 2020 Cardiology Codes and New Modifiers
Hint: You'll receive several new modifiers related to clinical decision support mechanisms... Read more
Handy Tips Conquer New CPT® 2020 Online Digital E/M Codes
Hint: Never report online digital E/M services for cumulative service time that is less th... Read more
Reader Question:
Investigate Parenthetical Notes for 93297 and 93298
Question: I was perusing the October 2019 issue of Cardiology Coding Alert and had a quest... Read more
Reader Question:
Discover Appropriate Code for Swan-Ganz Catheter
Question: I'm new to cardiology, and I recently saw “Swan-Ganz catheter” in my cardiol... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Follow Numerous Guidance for 93025
Question: The cardiologist took an electrocardiogram with the patient at rest after applyi... Read more