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Anesthesia Coding Alert

Reader Questions:

Submit 01999 for NG Tube Anesthesia

Question: The anesthesiologist performed MAC (monitored anesthesia care) during nasogastric tube placement because the patient was schizophrenic and combative. What anesthesia code best describes the service?Answer: CPT does not include an anesthesia crosswalk code for 43752 (Naso- or oro-gastric tube placement, requiring physician's skill and fluoroscopic guidance [includes fluoroscopy, image documentation and report]) because most patients do not need anesthesia during the procedure. When you do need to report anesthesia during a tube placement, submit 01999 (Unlisted anesthesia procedure[s]) with documentation supporting medical necessity.Diagnosis: Include applicable diagnosis codes to support needing anesthesia during the procedure. Choose from 294.11 (Dementia in conditions classified elsewhere with behavioral disturbance), 295.xx (Schizophrenic disorders), or 312. xx (Disturbance of conduct, not elsewhere classified) as appropriate.

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Anesthesia Coding Alert

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