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Anesthesia Coding Alert

CCI Update:

2012 Guideline Addition Clarifies When Post-Op Pain Management Is Acceptable

Tip: Remember modifier 59 is your friend. You've been busy applying new and revised procedure or diagnosis codes, but don't forget the coding guidelines associated with CPT Codes;, HCPCS Codes, or other sources. Case in point: The 2012 Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) coding guidelines include information about reporting post-operative pain management that your anesthesia providers will need to know. Read on for details, thanks to a guideline analysis from Kristi Stumpf, MCS-P, CPC, COSC, ACS-OR, owner of Precision Auditing and Coding. Check Timing and Clarify Purpose Medicare global surgery rules specify that the surgeon performing the procedure is responsible for post-op pain management and should not report the care separate from the surgery. The rules change, however, when the surgeon asks the anesthesiologist or pain management specialist to handle the patient's post-op treatment. Before requesting an anesthesiologist's help, the "actual or postoperative pain must be severe enough to require treatments [...]

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