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Anesthesia Coding Alert

CCI 17.0:

Anesthesia Overrides Bronchoscopy in Newest Edits

Report anesthesia service instead of new cath or tube placement codes.The newest edition of Correct Coding Initiative edits (CCI 17.0) goes into effect Jan. 1, 2011, and clarifies that typical anesthesia includes services described by new catheter and tube placement codes.New Codes Appear in Non-Mutually Exclusive PairsNon-mutually exclusive edits apply to services that a physician might perform during the same care session but that aren't billable together. This is because one of the codes (the component code) is included in the services represented by the second (comprehensive) code of the pairing. You can bill individual components if the physician does not perform the entire comprehensive procedure. But if the physician performs the entire (comprehensive) procedure, you should bill the comprehensive code instead of the individual parts or components.CCI 17.0 includes non-mutually exclusive edits for virtually every anesthesia code when performed with several new CPT codes. Coding for the anesthesia procedure [...]

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Anesthesia Coding Alert

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