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Anesthesia Coding Alert

Coding Basics:
Start the New Year With a Firm Grasp of Medical Direction vs. Supervision
Hint: It's all about following the ‘7 rules.' One of the primary factors to consider wh... Read more
Focus on These Terms to Pinpoint Best Migraine Diagnosis
Remember, all symptoms don't lead to the same code. The detailed specificity of ICD-10 is... Read more
Reader Question:
Screening Designation Separates 00811 and 00812
Question: There is some confusion in our office about which anesthesia code we should use ... Read more
Reader Question:
Report Intubation Over Vent Management
Question: Can we bill Medicare for intubation (31500), ventilation assist/management (9400... Read more
Reader Question:
Code Only Epidural During Session That Includes MAC
Question: Our physician administered an epidural for a vaginal delivery, followed immediat... Read more
Reader Question:
Transforaminal Injection Code Overrides IV Sedation
Question: Our physician performs medial branch blocks and transforaminal injections in our... Read more
Reader Question:
Epidural Removal Time Is Individualized
Question: What amount of time should we include on the claim for epidural removal followin... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Patient Position When Choosing Between 01991 and 01992
Question: Which is the best anesthesia code for an SI joint injection? Wyoming Subscriber... Read more
Reader Question:
Watch the Elapsed Time Before Coding Repeat Injection
Question: Our pain management specialist saw a patient with complex regional pain syndrome... Read more
You Be the Coder:
The Difference Between 01935/36 and 01991/92
Question: Can you explain to me when I should report codes 01935/01936 and 01991/01992? Ou... Read more