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Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement $249.00 Annually

Your healthcare organization relies on you to bring in every Medicare dollar it has a right to — and expects you to lead the way on avoiding costly audit and compliance troubles, too. With the healthcare industry facing uncertain changes, there’s never been a better time to subscribe to Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement!

Tackle your compliance and reimbursement challenges with the best analysis and compliance advice available to keep you on top of Medicare rules and updates and stay out of auditors’ crosshairs. Keeping up with the latest regulations and effectively interpreting the legalese takes hours — time you may not have.

Twice monthly, get useful updates and play-by-play guidance on ICD-10, Stark, OIG reports, MACRA, Managed Care contracting, and much, much more with Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement.

We’ll help you get every penny you’re due by showing you how to document for medical necessity, giving you specifics on how to avoid coding missteps which could lead to compliance breaches, and teaching you how to appeal denials. You’ll always be ahead of the latest revenue booster, staying on top of regs like ERISA, knowing what to watch to avoid fraud issues, and gaining insights into everything from equipment purchases to fee schedules.

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