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Subscribe to the essential guide to mastering the Minimum Data Set as a tool for payment, risk management, and quality of care. This newsletter offers clear strategies and practical tools to help busy professionals like you navigate the complexities of the MDS and make the most of your time.

MDS Alert helps you get a handle on the Minimum Data Set as a payment, quality-of-care and quality-of-life, risk management, and compliance tool.

This newsletter will help you create a strong defense mechanism against audits and F tags by providing all the tips and advice you need to stay in the safe zone. Every issue gives you handy tools, expert how-tos, and cutting-edge strategies to make your MDS coding more accurate, your facility more compliant, and your job easier.

  • Help your team understand what changes mean for their roles.
  • Improve your knowledge of ICD-10 coding.
  • Know how to approach changing reimbursement models.
  • Keep pace with MDS updates and rule changes.

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