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File Clean, Ethical & Maximized Internal Medicine Claims with Easy-to-Understand Guidance

Internal Medicine Coding Alert sifts through the vast expanse of coding and coverage information to provide the hottest and most relevant topics, updates, analysis, and case studies – every month. From helping you accurately code for E/M services, electrocardiograms, ESRD, vaccines, chest x-rays, and other services to keeping you informed about which overlooked diagnosis codes you shouldn’t ignore, this newsletter brings you every bit of info you need to code correctly and profitably.

You also can count on the experienced staff at the Coding Institute to bring you targeted, how-to instruction on 2016 CPT® and ICD-10-CM changes so you can lead your practice to success.

Latest Articles From Internal Medicine Coding Alert

  • CPT® Coding : Ask These Questions, Get Ready for Behavioral Health Integration
  • Procedure Coding : Take These Tips to Perfect Your Pulmonary Testing Knowledge
  • Case Study Corner : Study These Steps for Successful STI Counseling, Immunization Coding
  • News You Can Use : Will You Be Ready to Use These New CPT® Codes in the New Year?
  • ICD-10 Coding : Know Symptoms, Specificity, and Site for Success in Respiratory Coding
  • Mythbusters : Document High Blood Pressure Diagnoses Definitively by Busting These Myths

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