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This newsletter has one mission: Being your guide to compliance, payment, and successful hospice operations. Get the expert insights you need to protect your agency as you take on changing requirements, reimbursement challenges, and medical review hot spots.

Keep Your Agency Profitable and Compliant With Hospice Insider!

Hospice Insider will give you all the latest information about new quality data reporting requirements so you can avoid reimbursement reductions and low scores. Plus, the MACs are cracking down on certain types of claims with medical review — long-stay patients, residents of nursing homes, and non-specific diagnoses to name a few. Learn how to protect yourself regarding the review hot spots and ward off costly denials.

Hospice Insider provides expert tips on how you can sidestep such landmines with strengthened documentation and furnishes updates on the latest industry developments. Subscribe now to get extensive coverage of reimbursement, compliance, and business issues that help you secure your rightful reimbursement without crossing regulatory boundaries.

  • Get up to speed on the Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) program.
  • Learn how healthcare legislation affects you.
  • Stay informed so you can navigate complicated compliance rules.
  • Get in the know fast with hospice industry news briefs.

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