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General Surgery Coding Alert

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Maximize Your General Surgery Pay with Easy-to-Understand Coding Advice

General Surgery Coding Alert keeps your coding on track for a profitable year by providing the most complete coverage on your specialty – new codes to use, payer modifiers to apply, guidelines to follow, and more. Be it coding IVC filter removal or distinguishing an acellular dermal replacement from an allograft, our experts can help you resolve the most difficult general surgery coding challenges that come your way.

Plus, General Surgery Coding Alert keeps your coding skills sharp with in-depth analysis of the latest biliary drainage, mediastinoscopy, and vascular procedure code changes — as well as arming you with all the key ICD-10-CM guidance you need to tackle diagnosis coding in 2016!

5 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to General Surgery Coding Alert
  • Authoritative Advice: Coding best practices from experienced consulting editor Marcella Bucknam, CPC, CCS-P, CPC-H, CCA
  • Instant Info: Zoom in on the info you need faster with code and keyword findable archived general surgery coding articles
  • Practical Explanations:  Clear guidance on CCI edits, coverage changes, and other compliance tips and tools in every issue.
  • ICD-10 Helper: Every issue of this monthly newsletter will assist you in applying ICD-10 codes to the cases you see.
  • Cost-free Online Resources:  Take home the coding industry’s hottest exclusives at no extra cost: Online archive (featuring articles going back to 1999), SuperCoder Bolt, webinars, and 24 AAPC CEUs per year, and much, much more.
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