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General Surgery Coding Alert $199.95 Annually

Choose the newsletter that’s dedicated to improving general surgery coding skills with practical tips on navigating op reports, applying modifiers, and mastering emerging trends! Check in each month to ensure your coding captures every dollar you deserve from the wide range of services you provide.

Maximize Your General Surgery Pay with Easy-to-Understand Coding Advice

General Surgery Coding Alert keeps your coding on track for a profitable year by providing the most complete coverage on your specialty – new codes to use, payer modifiers to apply, guidelines to follow, and more. Be it coding IVC filter removal or distinguishing an acellular dermal replacement from an allograft, our experts can help you resolve the most difficult general surgery coding challenges that come your way.

Plus, General Surgery Coding Alert keeps your coding skills sharp with in-depth analysis of the latest biliary drainage, mediastinoscopy, and vascular procedure code changes — as well as arming you with all the key ICD-10-CM guidance you need to tackle diagnosis coding!


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