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Dermatology Coding Alert

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Practical, Easy-to-implement Dermatology Coding Advice from Industry Veterans

Are you having trouble sifting through the tangle of dermatology coding and coverage information? With Dermatology Coding Alert, you’ll get unrivaled analysis from the only all-dermatology coding newsletter in the industry.

This monthly newsletter will help you unravel the coding rules most likely to cause trouble for your claims. Count on Dermatology Coding Alert to keep your claims in the clear with practical guidance on coding problem spots, CCI news, fee schedule facts, and codeset updates.

You’ll also get a leg up on ICD-10-CM use as the Alert’s experienced team walks you through practical, dermatology-specific advice for an easy adjustment to the new codes.

5 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Dermatology Coding Alert:
  • Precision Enhancer: Every month tune in to dermatology coding articles to unravel the multitude of official coding guidelines and payer variations so you get to the right code every time.
  • Time Saver: Code or keyword searchable archived articles help you get invaluable how-to tips at your fingertips.
  • Better Network:  Editor Jerry Salley, CPC, a certified coder, shares your peers’ success stories so you can keep pace with payer’s ever-changing requirements with minimum or no hassle.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're ever dissatisfied with the quality of your subscription, just let us know and we'll refund your subscription price 100% - guaranteed.
  • Free Online Resources: Get the coding industry’s hottest exclusives at no extra cost: Online archive (featuring articles going back to 2004), SuperCoder Bolt, monthly webinars, 24 FREE AAPC CEUs per year, and much, much more
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