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Cardiology Coding Alert $199.95 Annually

Get expert guidance and to-the-point analysis to turn your cardiology coding into a reimbursement powerhouse for your practice. You’ll keep your coding skills sharp for cardiac caths, percutaneous coronary intervention, peripheral vascular, electrophysiology, nuclear medicine, E/M, and more.

Cardiology-Specific News & Analysis to Assist Correct Coding, Reimbursement & Compliance

This newsletter’s detailed coverage of coding updates will help ensure your claims stay compliant as changes occur throughout the year. For 2017, be sure you’re up on the latest guidelines for reporting pulmonary valve implant, IVUS, thrombectomy, central arterial pressure, cardiac contractility modulation, and myocardial strain imaging.

Plus, you’ll find cardiology-specific diagnosis coding coverage in every issue to ensure you have the ICD-10 skills you need to succeed.


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