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Cardiology-Specific News & Analysis to Assist Correct Coding, Reimbursement & Compliance

Cardiology Coding Alert is your trusted resource for cardiology coding solutions, covering the services that keep your practice humming: cardiac caths, PCI, PV, stress tests, EP, E/M, and more. Every month, you’ll get in-depth articles and coverage news along with practical answers to top FAQs, such as how to code for coronary branch stenting and tactics for audit-proof echo documentation.

This newsletter’s detailed coverage of coding updates will help ensure your claims stay compliant as changes occur throughout the year. For 2015, be sure you’re up on the latest guidelines for reporting skin pocket relocation, as well as the all new coding options for FEVAR and transapical TAVR, percutaneous-specific choices for PDA closure and septal reduction, deletions and additions for vascular occlusion services, all-in-one options for vein and artery stent placement, and Category III code changes for up-and-coming procedures.

Plus, you’ll find cardiology-specific diagnosis coding coverage in every issue to make the October 1, 2015, ICD-10-CM transition a smooth one.

5 Reasons to start your subscription to Cardiology Coding Alert:
  • Get every dollar your practice deserves: Expert guidance and to-the-point analysis written by Deborah Marsh, JD, MA, CPC, CHONC, and reviewed by Christina Neighbors, MA, CPC, CCC, ACS-CA, to turn your cardiology coding into a goldmine for your practice.
  • Research any topic – anytime: You can access thousands of code and keyword-searchable archived articles (featuring articles since 1998) on cardiology coding.
  • Profit from real-world examples: Experts arm you with real-world examples and tried ‘n’ true tips so you have a better idea how your peers are tackling tough coding challenges
  • ICD-10 education: You are taught everything you need to know to successfully implement ICD-10 diagnosis coding.
  • 24 AAPC CEUs: Each year, pass quizzes from SuperCoder Bolt (12 CEUs), Webinars (6 CEUs), and Cardiology Coding Alert (6 CEUs) to keep your certification ticking.

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