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Cardiology Coding Alert $199.95 Annually

Get expert guidance and to-the-point analysis to turn your cardiology coding into a reimbursement powerhouse for your practice. You’ll keep your coding skills sharp for cardiac caths, percutaneous coronary intervention, peripheral vascular services, electrophysiology, nuclear medicine, E/M, and more.

Cardiology-Specific News & Analysis to Improve Coding, Reimbursement, & Compliance

This newsletter’s detailed coverage of coding updates will help ensure your claims comply with the latest rules as cardiology changes occur throughout the year. We help you perfect your claims by debunking costly coding myths, charting out differences between similar cardiac services, and taking you through complicated Medicare rules.

Plus, you’ll find cardiology-specific diagnosis coding coverage in our monthly issues to ensure you have the ICD-10 skills you need to succeed.

  • Cut through the noise with only cardiology-focused articles.
  • Add to your knowledge of coding for multiple cardiology subspecialties.
  • Get takeaway tips from cardiology-focused Reader Questions in each issue.
  • Ace quizzes to collect CEUs for your CPC® (6 for CCCTM).

Latest Articles From Cardiology Coding Alert

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  • You Be the Coder : Distinguish Between Pacemaker Revision and Relocation
  • Reader Question : Get Ready for New Coronavirus Codes
  • Reader Question : Never Ignore “Code First” Note

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