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Anesthesia Coding Alert $199.95 Annually

Anesthesia Coding Alert offers reliable anesthesia coding guidance to ensure optimal payments from insurance claims. You’ll feel confident coding for this unique specialty, mastering qualifying circumstance codes, anesthesia modifiers, base units, post-op blocks, and more.

Streamline Your Anesthesia Work & Garner Maximum Pay with Trusted Advice Every Month

From helping you stay up-to-date on performance measure codes to pointing out easy-to-miss differences when the descriptors to some of your most common codes change, Anesthesia Coding Alert has got you covered – every month!

Every issue also touches upon important ICD-10-CM training for the wide variety of diagnoses anesthesia coders must capture: Barrett's Esophagus, pacemaker services, C-section diagnoses, bimalleolar ankle fracture, and much more.


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