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Find out for yourself why TCI’s flagship healthcare newsletters have been trusted for decades! We began as a newsletter company dedicated to providing practical knowledge and clear analysis. That mission still drives us and is what sets us apart. Sign up for the medical coding and compliance newsletters that are just right for you.

Code for Your Specialty With Greater Accuracy & Ensure Compliance With Complicated Healthcare Rules

All the tactics and expertise you need to code correctly and comply with intricate healthcare rules are provided to you in TCI’s 30+ specialty-specific medical coding and compliance newsletters. From analysis of coding updates to straightforward guidance on the latest regulations, TCI’s how-to articles and archives have got you covered!

1 Specialty Just Won't Do? Get Our Multispecialty Articles Pack

Build a library of articles from the wide range of TCI newsletters available. Search for codes and/or keywords that you want to read about, and click on the article link to read an excerpt of the article before adding it to your growing library. Choose a monthly subscription (11 articles) or an annual subscription (132 articles). Contact customer service at 866-228-9252 to learn more.

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