Understanding the CMS 855-B
Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Time: Request for replay on any day
Length: 60 minutes
Speaker:Duane C. Abbey, Ph.D., CFP
Go In-Depth With the CMS Form 855-B.

When you’re examining the CMS form 855-B, you should boil down key information to four aspects: the type of entity, ownership, management control, and financial control.

Get the lowdown about the overall process of obtaining and maintaining billing privileges for Medicare. You’ve got six different variations of the CMS 855 form, and it’s up to you to understand how the 855-B relates and is different from them. Not only that, but you need to develop organizational resources to maintain multiple CMS 855-B forms.

Don’t forget to investigate how the NIPs and other reporting requirements affect the CMS-855-B forms. Join expert Duane C. Abbey, Ph.D., CFP, for this important teleconference that will demystify the CMS 855-B form.
This session will help you answer these questions:

  • What does CMS really want to know about physician practices in order to enroll?
  • Why do physicians and practitioners have to concern themselves with multiple forms?
  • What is this revalidation program?
  • What if our group practice is a partnership of professional corporations?
  • Why are these CMS 855 forms so long?
  • Where can we obtain guidance on how to complete and file these forms?
  • How long does it take to enroll a new physician at our clinic?
  • Are non-physician practitioners treated different relative to the CMS-855 forms?
  • Who should be updating and maintaining our CMS-855 forms at our clinic?
  • Why are provider-based clinics different relative to the CMS-855-B?
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About Our Speaker
Duane C. Abbey, Ph.D., is a management consultant and president of Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc., which specializes in health care consulting and related areas. Abbey earned his graduate degrees at the University of Notre Dame and Iowa State University and has more than 20 years experience as a consultant. He performs various financial analysis, including business structuring, organizational development, enrollment, and other financially related concerns of an organization. Abbey's consulting engagements revolve around a combination of compliance reviews, Charge Master Reviews, APC audits, and revenue enhancement for hospitals and health systems. He also provides consultations to hospital and physician based clinics. In addition to his consulting practice, Dr. Abbey teaches workshops and makes presentations on a regular basis. He has taught at the University level and speaks nationally. He is a regular presenter for hospital associations, medical societies, Boards of Trustees and various other organizations and groups. In addition, professional societies such as HFMA use Dr. Abbey's services to present seminars and workshops. Additionally, Abbey has published many articles in a variety of professional publications.