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2013 General Surgery CPT Updates
Date: Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Time: Request for replay on any day
Length: 60 minutes
Speaker:Kathleen A. Mueller, RN, CPC, CCS-P, CMSCS, CCC, PCS
Update your general surgery CPT® codes for 2013.

You may have been losing precious reimbursement when a physician assistant (PA) or other appropriate caregiver performs E/M services in your surgical practice—but good news. CPT® 2013 brings much needed relief.

Revisions to more than 80 E/M codes will help you submit claims that include services performed by certain “qualified healthcare professionals” other than physicians.

Along with these E/M changes, apply the following guidance to your bariatric surgeries and colonoscopies. Start preparing now so that you’re not scrambling over the holidays.
This session will help you answer these questions:
  • How should I report bariatric surgeries, given CPT® 2013?
  • What’s different about the vascular surgery guidance?
  • What happens when a screening colonoscopy turns diagnostic, and how will my claim change?
  • How should I navigate the modifier maze?
  • What can I do to economy-proof my surgery practice for 2013?
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About Our Speaker
Kathleen A. Mueller, RN, CPC, CCS-P, CMSCS, CCC, PCS is a coding consultant with over 30 years experience in both clinical and physician office settings. Her vast background includes ICU/CCU nursing, physician office administration, surgical and endoscopy billing and coding, and insurance claims submission and adjudication. In addition to being a nationally recognized speaker and author of multiple coding handbooks, Kathy has provided onsite and remote instruction and coding assistance to hundreds of medical and surgical practices.