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Specialty Coding Dictionary 2018: Dermatology/Plastics

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Rev up your workflow with Dermatology/Plastics Coding Dictionary 2018!

Are you regularly brought to a halt, not sure of what’s needed and where? Is too much of your time consumed by bundling decisions? Do you struggle with establishing medical necessity? How’d you like a convenient fix to get unstuck today?

Now you can fly through your workload with fast answers. Ace the complexities of medical coding and billing with the all-inclusive and handy look-up guide, TCI’s Dermatology/Plastics Coding Dictionary 2018.

The Dermatology/Plastics Coding Dictionary 2018 is a unique coding resource that pack all the supporting information you need for accurate and optimal medical coding and billing.

Find swift access to answers to your every question:

  • 2018 CPT® and ICD-10-CM crosswalks in your specialty — including CCI alerts and official descriptors for Categories I-III for each CPT® code
  • CCI edits for easy and accurate bundling decisions
  • Comprehensive list of thousands of medical terms with definitions written in easy to understand language
  • Billing, coding and reimbursement terms and definitions so that you can become familiar with current regulations, requirements, processes, and regulatory agencies
  • How-to guidance for coding procedures from the Surgery section including explanations of common terms
  • Evaluation and Management (E/M) Survival Guide that walks you through E/M services guidelines to make the right choice between the various E/M service levels
  • Anesthesia primer to help you distinguish between various types of anesthesia
  • Modifiers and lay descriptions for CPT® and HCPCS modifiers in simple to read language to clear up the confusion of when and how to apply modifiers
  • Lists of prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, and eponyms commonly used in coding
  • Anatomical illustrations to guide you as you read descriptions of services and procedures
  • Vital signs and lab values to know what is a normal/abnormal sign or test result
  • Place of service (POS) and type of service (TOS) lists
  • And many more!

Get the advantage with the tools you need for successful coding and billing and boost your bottom line. This must-have resource for every medical coding and billing professional has it all.

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