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If you have a specific coding question, Ask an Expert has the answers. This forum-style Q&A allows coders, billers, and analysts to submit a question directly into the forum. An AAPC or AHIMA certified coder will respond with the answer, supporting information, and explanation.

For coding of an operative report or chart note, please refer instead to SuperCoding On Demand. This service allows the coder to submit abbreviated or complete documentation and receive accurate coding of the encounter. Users may attach documents.

  • Desktop Researcher: No time to dig for answers and sift through explanations? We do it for you!
  • Instant Service: Expert answers delivered to the forum within 1-5 business days.
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To submit operative report/chart note and more complex questions, use SuperCoding on Demand. Pay for only the coding answers you need!
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Have a Medical Coding Question? Get Definitive Answers from SuperCoder Ask An Expert
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What You Get ? Up To 12 Topic-Specific Answers in a year!
This medical coding question & answer service comes with two key advantages:
  • Coding Research Database: Search by code or keyword and view past answers on thousands of topics.
  • Thorough Analysis: Powered by the Coding Institute staff, you get official guidance, payer variations, and straightforward explanations from the education experts.
With Ask an Expert, keep coding while our experts clear your hurdles.
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Anesthesiology/Pain Management 990 2742
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Compliance 141 421
Dermatology 298 789
DRG Coding 23 67
Ed Coding 241 628
Family Practice Coding 853 2305
Gastroenterology Coding 939 2372
General Surgery Coding 2351 6342
Internal Medicine Coding 547 1502
Neurology Coding 290 819
Neurosurgery Coding 515 1515
Ob-Gyn Coding 2450 6816
Oncology Coding 179 446
Ophthalmology Coding 678 1748
Optometry Coding & Billing 82 191
Orthopedic Coding 2601 6598
Otolaryngology Coding 571 1431
Outpatient Facility Coding 252 685
Part B Insider 80 208
Pathology/Lab Coding 380 1007
Pediatric Coding 585 1712
Physical Medicine & Rehab Coding 174 432
Podiatry Coding 193 488
Practice Management 342 905
Pulmonology Coding 228 606
Radiology Coding 546 1525
Transmittal Guidelines 763 2054
Urology Coding 1030 2585