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Coder's Specialty Guides 2020

Choose from TCI’s comprehensive library of coding, billing, reimbursement, and compliance books, manuals, and references – all featuring TCI’s practical approach. Tackle your training, process, and workflow needs.

Illustrated Books

TCI Book’s ONE CODE, ONE PAGE illustrated Coders’ Specialty Guides 2020 provide quick access to everything a coder needs to submit a clean claim on a single page. Get the latest CPT® codes with their official descriptors, lay terms for every code, CCI edits, ICD-10 CrossRefs, RVUs, Medicare reimbursement information, unparalleled coding tips, modifiers, and helpful anatomical illustrations. Our quick-reference guides also include above-and-beyond special features, all of which are intelligently organized to expedite workflow and make every coding decision easy and accurate.

PLUS, features like the complete code index with associated page numbers, dictionary-style headers, color-coded tabs, and illustrations with code captions facilitates quick and easy navigation for optimal procedure coding.

Coders’ Specialty Guides 2020 are available in 22 specialties:

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