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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Can I Create a List of Favorite Codes?


TCI SuperCoder online coding solutions make it simple to save and access your favorite codes. Here are some key pointers to know about this handy feature.


Add code: To add a code to your Favorite Codes list, click the green thumb icon next to the code on the code’s details page. After you click the icon, a pop-up box will open where you can enter a note for the code for future reference.


View code: You have a few options to view your Favorite Codes list. You can see a limited Favorite Codes list on your Coding Tools page or your Coder home page. The complete list is available under My SuperCoder/Favorite Codes on the top menu. The list includes codes; links to code pages; your notes; code descriptors; and fees, RVUs, and global days for codes on the MPFS. You can search, sort, and export the list, as well.


Remove code: At My SuperCoder/Favorite Codes, you can select a code by placing a check next to it. Choose “Delete Selected” to remove the checked code from your list.




FAQ: On Coding Tools, What’s the Difference Between the Top and Left Menus?


The Coding Tools page included in many of our online coding solutions features a top ribbon menu and a left-side menu. The goal is to give you two ways to navigate based on your individual preferences.


Top: In most cases, when you click a tab on the top menu, you’ll open a Coding Tools page with only those widgets (individual tools in boxes) in the category you clicked. For instance, if you click Claims Edits, you’ll open a page with CCI Edits Checker and similar widgets. The top menu also includes a link to a MIPS Quick Guide. If you subscribe to EM Auditor, you’ll find a link to that tool in the top menu, too.


Left: The left menu includes links to your Coders (such as individual Physician Coders) as well as dedicated tool pages. As an example, if you expand the Claims Edits entry and click CCI Edits Checker, a new page with only the CCI Edits Checker will open. Tip: You can have multiple browser tabs open at once if you like to use dedicated tool pages but want to move between tools quickly.