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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How Do I Search NCDs Using My TCI SuperCoder Subscription?


If your TCI SuperCoder subscription includes access to NCD (national coverage determination) search, you have a few options for finding these national Medicare policies once you’re logged in:


  • Coding Tools page: On the Coding Tools page, check for the NCD Lookup widget. Select how you want to search: CPT® code, NCD text, NCD title, or NCD section. Then enter a code or keyword in the box to start your search.
  • Crosswalks page: The ribbon menu at the top of the Coding Tools page includes a Crosswalks button. Click to open the Crosswalks page where you’ll find tools with crosswalk and lookup functions. The NCD Lookup widget is present on this page, too.
  • Dedicated tool page: On the Coding Tools page’s left-side menu, open Crosswalks and then click NCD Lookup. That will open a page that has only the NCD Lookup tool. You have the same options for searching based on CPT® code, NCD text, NCD title, and NCD section.


Lab tip: Medicare provides CPT® to ICD-10-CM crosswalks for many lab codes. On TCI SuperCoder’s code details pages for those lab codes (such as 87086), you’ll find an NCD tab under Compliance Tools when you’re logged in. Open the tab to see the crosswalk information and links to the relevant NCD.