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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What Are the Data Fields in the Practitioner CCI Edits Checker?


The CCI Edits Checker with practitioner edits allows you to confirm whether the codes you enter are paired in Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits. If an edit exists, Medicare does not allow you to report the codes together. The results also show the modifier indicator for each edit, which alerts you to whether Medicare allows you to use a modifier to override the edit when documentation supports reporting both codes. The tool is available as part of certain TCI SuperCoder online coding solutions, such as Fast Coder, Physician Coder, and Multispecialty Coder.


Here are the data fields you’ll see in the tool:


Entry method: You may choose either to enter one code per box or switch to a larger box where you can paste or enter codes separated by commas. You can check a box with this field to make your preference the default setting.


Version/Date: The tool includes the current CCI version, as well as quarterly versions dating back to 2011. Use the dropdown box provided to select the version. The current version is set as the default.


Locality: The CCI Edits Checker results include fees based on the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, so there is a data entry space to choose the geographic locality for the service. You can leave the box set at “National” to see unadjusted rates, or you may select a specific state/area to see fees for that locality. You may check a box to make the chosen locality the default.


Location: To ensure accurate results for the fees (and RVUs) shown in the results, you may select the setting: Non-Facility or Facility. Again, you have the option to set your default.


Number of codes: The CCI Edits Checker lets you check up to 25 codes at once for Medicare CCI edits. If you have the Entry Method set as “Auto-tabbed one code per box,” you can increase the number of boxes from 9 to any number up to 25. If you’ve chosen “Comma-separated multi code box,” then you may enter up to 25 codes in the single box provided.


Actions: Once you’ve entered your codes, you may click “CCI Check” to get your results. Click “Clear” to delete the codes from the code box or boxes.