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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How Does Anesthesia Coder Differ From SuperCoder’s Other Physician Coders?


Anesthesia Coder includes the same features as SuperCoder’s other Physician Coders, but adds some anesthesia-specific tools, as well.


That means Anesthesia Coder includes these Physician Coder resources:

  • Code search for CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM
  • Compliance tools like CCI Edits Checker, crosswalks, and Medicare fee schedules
  • A specialty newsletter, in this case Anesthesia Coding Alert
  • 38 AAPC-approved CEUs.

But Anesthesia Coder also includes these bonus items:

  • A fee calculator that adjusts for P status modifiers, unit times, and multiday services
  • ASA CROSSWALK®, Reverse CROSSWALK®, and Relative Value Guide® data.

If you want to see how SuperCoder integrates these resources, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here:



FAQ: Where Can I Find the 7-in-1 Fee Schedule Tool on SuperCoder?


SuperCoder provides multiple ways to access tools so you can get to them fast when you need them. If your subscription includes coding tools, you’ll find the 7-in-1 fee schedule tool in these locations:


  • Main Coding Tools page: On the main Coding Tools page, you can access the Part B Physician Fees & More widget. Choose the year and enter your code to retrieve fee schedule information.
  • Coding Tools/Fees page: From the main Coding Tools page, you also have the option of clicking Fees in the top navigation menu to open the Coding Tools/Fees page. You’ll be accessing the same widget that’s on the main Coding Tools page, but the widget will be part of a smaller grouping of tools because only fee tools in your subscription will be on the page.
  • Dedicated Fee Schedules tool: To access the dedicated page for the fee schedules tool, click Fees/Fee Schedules on the left-side menu on the Coding Tools page.

Integrated data: You’ll find the fee schedule data integrated into many other areas of SuperCoder. Code-specific fee data is available on code details and listing pages, and the CCI Edits Checker shows RVUs as well as national and local rates so you don’t have to open another tool to get the information you need.