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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Can I Earn AAPC Specialty-Certification CEUs From Free SuperCoder Webinars?


Yes, you can earn AAPC specialty-certification CEUs by attending free SuperCoder webinars. If you need specialty certification CEUs, you will definitely want to check out this option!


Check near the end of the individual webinar’s page to see which certifications you may earn a CEU for to be sure the one you need is included. Click the link for an example webinar page: Cardiology Coding: Changes You Need to Know for 2017!


The main webinar page links to the upcoming and archived webinars. Anyone can register for an upcoming live webinar. Physician Coder subscribers also can access archived webinars, which means added convenience for earning CEUs!



FAQ: What Happens If I Click the Thumbtack Icon on a Coding Tools Page Widget?


When you’re logged in and on the SuperCoder Coding Tools page, you will see boxes (“widgets”) with the coding tools included in your subscription. At the top right of the widget, you will see a clickable box with a thumbtack icon. If you click the button, you will “unpin” the widget from your Coding Tools page, meaning the widget will no longer be present on the page.

Unpinning tools you don’t use frequently is one of the options SuperCoder offers for customizing your page to create better workflow.


To add the widget back to your page, click the Customize button at the top right of the page. When the Add/Remove Tools box opens, add a checkmark next to the tool you want to add back to the Coding Tools page, and then click Save at the bottom of the list.