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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Where Can I Find Prior Versions of CCI and CCI Manuals?


Many of TCI SuperCoder’s online coding solutions include the CCI Edits Checker. To check a previous version of Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits using your CCI Edits Checker, go to the dedicated CCI tool page or the CCI Edits Checker widget on your Coding Tools page. Click the arrow on the Version | Date box to view the dropdown list of options. Select the version you want to use to check your codes for edits. You can choose from all quarterly versions dating from the present back to January 2011.


Don’t miss: The CCI Edits Checker widget on the Coding Tools page also includes CCI manuals from 2013-2017. These manuals offer helpful insights and guidelines that improve coding compliance and assist with research for past and current claims!