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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How Do I Rearrange Tools on My Coding Tools Page?


Subscribers to TCI SuperCoder online resources that include a Coding Tools page may rearrange the tool widgets in a couple of ways.


Move as a group: When you hover over the coding tools, you’ll see a four-way arrow appear in the corner above the top-left tool and a dotted line will appear around the group of tool widgets. You then can click and hold to drag and drop the group, swapping its position with another group of tools.



Move individual widget: When you hover over a single widget, your pointer will become a four-way arrow. You then can click and hold to drag and drop the widget in a new position.



Bonus tip: You can choose which widgets appear on your page by using the list that opens when you click the Customize button. Or remove (unpin) a widget from the page by clicking the thumbtack icon.