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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How Can I Refine Code Results From My SuperCoder Keyword Search?


After you enter one or more keywords in the SuperCoder search bar, the results page will open. Your options for refining your search vary depending on which tab you choose. For codes, make sure you are on the Codes tab.


The Codes tab provides results from code sets. Under the tabs, you’ll see two light gray boxes. The first lets you choose the source of your results (Indexes, SuperCoder Keyword Code Helper, Tables, or All). The other box lets you choose between numerical order or the rank SuperCoder assigns based on your search.


You can further refine your search using the “Narrow Your Search” options on the left side of the page. Your options vary based on the result sources you chose. If you chose the default All sources option, then you can click boxes in the “Narrow Your Search” menu based on the specific indexes, code sets, and tables you want to see results from.


Below you’ll see an example of a results screen based on a search for “pain,” showing the tabs, gray boxes, and top of the “Narrow Your Search” menu.