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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: In ‘Publications,’ Can I Open My Article in a New Browser Tab?


Yes, you can open an article in a new tab.


Example: Suppose you’re a Physician Coder subscriber. You’re logged in to your account, and you open the Publications/Coding Newsletters page. You see the links to the articles in your current issue. You’d like to read one of the articles, but you want to keep the page with the links open, too.


Try this: On a PC, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard while you click the link to the article you want to view. The article will open in a new browser tab.




FAQ: Can I Make My Personal Notes Box Bigger?


Yes, SuperCoder subscribers with access to Personal Notes on code details pages and code listing pages may resize the content box. In the bottom right corner of the white space where you may enter text, you should see a collection of gray dots. When you hover over the dots, your pointer should become a double-sided arrow. When this happens, click and drag to resize the box.