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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Are CPT® Section Guidelines Available on SuperCoder?


You can access CPT® section guidelines on a code’s details page (click here to see an example of a details page). Scroll down to the CPT® Guidelines. Logged in subscribers with code search will see a link to the section guidelines, such as “Surgery Guidelines” or “Radiology Guidelines,” that precede a code section in a paper manual. Click the link to open a new page where you can review the official guidelines for the current year. Helpful information you’ll find includes definitions for key terms, unlisted procedure code lists, and guidelines that apply to the section as a whole.


FAQ: Where Can I Learn More About EM Auditor?


There are demonstration videos for SuperCoder’s EM Auditor tool available at You can get an overview of the Audit List and Patient Data screens as well as HEM, Time-Based, Critical Care, and Final screens.


You also can set up a personalized demo using the form at that same site. Choosing a personalized demo will give you the opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have, such as how to compare results based on 1995 and 1997 guidelines, how to use the tool for psychiatric and ophthalmology visits, and how to check a reviewer’s code choice against the code chosen by the provider or coder.