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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Is BoneCoder10 Appropriate for More Than Orthopedics?


Yes. BoneCoder10 is an ICD-10-CM workflow solution for all specialties. BoneCoder10 is available as a multispecialty PC desktop version or as a specialty-specific or multispecialty Web-based version. Choose from more than 25 specialties, from cardiology to urology.


In short, the way that BoneCoder10 works is that you click an image of the anatomic area involved in the diagnosis, and then click choices from a few pick lists to arrive at your final code. You’ll see instructional notes with your code (such as Excludes1 and additional code requirements) and can filter favorite codes by provider to make finding correct combinations faster. Once you’ve made your code choices, you can drag and drop them to another program to speed reporting.



FAQ: Can I Access Newsletter Archives If My Subscription Is Print-Only?


The searchable online Coding Institute and Eli newsletter archives are available only to those whose subscriptions include electronic access. Subscription types with archive access include subscriptions that are electronic-only and subscriptions that are both electronic and print. The electronic subscriptions also include issue PDFs.


Subscribers who receive an electronic newsletter as part of a Physician Coder subscription also have access to the searchable archives for their newsletter.


The archives allow subscribers to view articles from past issues of the newsletter(s) they currently subscribe to.