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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How Can I Adjust My Search Settings to View a Range Page After Code Search?


To choose your preferred search settings, log in to your account that includes Code Search. Hover over My SuperCoder in the top right navigation menu, and click Set Search Settings from the dropdown list. A new page will open where you can select your preference for the type of page that will open after you search a code from each code type in your subscription (such as CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM).


Choose from two result page options:

  • Listing: View the code within the range of surrounding codes
  • Details: View a detail-packed page dedicated to a single code.

Be sure to click the Save Your Settings Button after making your choices.


Tip: SuperCoder offers shortcuts if you don’t want to use your default selection for a particular search. If your search settings are set to Listing, but you want to see a details page, enter ! after your code in the search box: 99213!. If your selected result page is Details, but you want to see a listings page, enter * after your code in the search box: 99213*.




FAQ: Can I View My Coding Alert as a PDF?


If your SuperCoder subscription includes electronic access to a newsletter from The Coding Institute, you can view or save a PDF of an issue. In the top navigation menu, choose Publications. A new page will open showing you the newsletters you’re subscribed to. To the right of your newsletter’s name, you’ll see a PDF icon. Click the icon to open the PDF of the current issue.


To view or save a PDF of an older issue, click View All under the list of articles for your newsletter’s current issue. On the new page, choose the issue you’d like to view, and click the PDF icon posted for that particular issue.